Banana OG


Banana OG Dank Vapes


Banana OG Dank Vapes

Banana OG is an Indica prevailing strain that scents and poses a flavor like a name recommends – a smooth mix of bananas and great Kush.

Giving a powerful Indica body high, which begins with apathy prompting total sedation, this strain is quite often endorsing and prescribing for evening time use. Many will think that its difficult to remain wakeful after 2-3 hits taken an hour or two preceding bed.

Banana OG Cartridge contains a portion of the cerebral impacts of a Sativa, including state of mind rise and a ground-breaking feeling of happiness. Be that as it may, it likewise accompanies basic minor reactions, for example, dry mouth and eyes, incidental wooziness, suspicion, and cerebral pains.

As referenced over, this strain ought to be consigned to night or evening use. There are high recommendations for individuals battling lack of sleep and a sleeping disorder. Banana cart is regularly in search for by patients experiencing unending a throbbing painfulness. Others use it for help from pressure and nervousness. To a lesser degree, it might help patients experiencing headaches, glaucoma, sickness, dietary issues, and muscle fits.

Banana OG Dank Vapes

Banana OG Dank Vapes is reared by Cali Kush. It is a cross between the generally known OG Kush mother and a Banana father. The outcome is a scrumptious strain that is 60% Indica with an 18-20% THC focus. It isn’t advisable for beginner cultivators since it can require a lot of consideration. development of Banana OG can be either be inside or out. Having a lower yield than different strains, it blossoms at around eight to nine weeks. Outside, the strain can reach up to 16 feet in tallness however will develop better in the controlled condition of an indoor develop.

Banana OG Kush:

Banana OG Kush is a strain initially named High Rise, which originates from south Amsterdam. This, for the most part, Indica strain picked up notoriety in cafés there as an interesting tetraploid strain. Most cannabis strains are diploid. They have two arrangements of chromosomes, one from each parent in every cell. Tetraploid strains convey multiple times the number of haploid chromosomes, making eight sets.

The strain has prevailed upon a few honors the years. It won The Cannabis Cup, known as the Superbowl of the pot, twice – once in 1992 and again in 1993. It is additionally the strain of decision for none other than Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog).

Ace Kush produces solid, yet not overpowering, the rapture that can leave clients in a happy dimness. Increasingly experienced clients report an ascent in innovativeness and scholarly interest.


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