Jedi Juice


Ingredients // Premium cannabis oil, Plant Derived Terpenes.


Cake Carts Jedi Juice

Cake Carts Jedi Juice. Discover a true sense of harmony with this noteworthy Indica and dispose of the trouble today!
Indica-predominant Jedi Kush is the consequence of an effective cross breed between Death Star X SFV juice and other notable files. With a typical THC content of 85-95% and a CBD content of 1.5-2%, this strong strain is appropriate for clinical use.
When breathed in, you’ll get a piney, tobacco-touched fragrance with a dash of tart skunk, trailed by a sweet skunk finish. There are long thin blazing orange hairs sprinkling the Jedi Juice, which are dull olive green thick and fleecy spade-formed nugs with orange and purple hints. Fragile translucent white trichomes and flavorful tacky pitch coat those nugs.

• Plant Delivered Terpenes
• Premium pot oil


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