Lemon Drizzle


Ingredients // Premium Cannabis oil, Plant Derived Terpenes


Cake Carts Lemon Drizzle
Cake carts Lemon Drizzle. Fight the troubling evenings with this flavorful lemon-improved cake trucks delta 8!
Lemon Drizzle is a cannabis weed cartridge (90% Sativa/10% Indica) conveyed by joining the extraordinary Super Lemon Haze and WiFi OG strains. Lemon Drizzle is perfect for any strong Sativa darling who likes to get up and move. It is lofty for its high-flying effects and magnificent flavor.
It has a greatly unique brutal lemon flavor with notes of sweet earth on the breath. The scent is likewise enticing, with a sweet citrusy feeling included by tart lemon and ideas of new soil that stand by after your last puff.

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• Cannabis oil
• Plant-Derived Terpenes
Taste//Pungent Citrus
Influences//Energizing, Moving
Experience//A sweet and musky strain that cleans up disquiet and stress yet stay aware of valuable mental fervor.

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