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Rose Gold


 Rose Gold Dank Vapes


 Rose Gold Dank Vapes

Rose Gold by Royal Choice Farms is an indica-dominant cross with an enticing floral aroma. Known for its skunky rose smell and dense node clusters, Rose Gold offers consumers a relaxing buzz with a pleasant mental sizzle. Buy rose gold dank vapes now.

 A perfectly made extravagance vape unit in the style of a top of the line composing pen. With formed blessing case containing a marked silicone and custom 100% unadulterated titanium spotting apparatus.

Plated in 24 karat gold, glass-encased clay bowl, and accompanies both a fired loop less radiator and a solitary quartz bar with titanium curl warmer for the client’s very own inclination.

The battery has 3 diverse temperature settings (Low [BLUE] – Med [GREEN] – High [RED]), click the catch 3x to switch between them.

 The battery has a widespread 510 string and can be utilized with dispensable cartridges. Lastly, We simply prescribe the BLUE Temp setting to coordinate the voltage that expendable cartridges prefer.

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