Wholesale Cake Carts


Order bulk | wholesale cake carts 1G directly from cakecartslabs. 100 counts per box 

Note: 15% discount on all wholesale orders 

How To Order

  • To place an order first choose if you are ordering wholesale,  1G carts.
  • choose the quantity and flavors you need. Add products to the cart.
  • Head to checkout, choose your method of payment contact us so we can send you our account to make payment.
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Wholesale Cake Carts

Wholesale Cake carts are unrivaled thc cartridges from cake carts labs, pure delta 9 distillates, Full terminated cartridges, No metals without a doubt so ever, and remaining solvents and quality you can rely upon.

They come in 1G, fixed, and have a lucid normalized recognizable proof for affirmation. Lab attempted to ensure security, No pesticides, No colors, and No soil made 100% from out and out pure delta 9 distillate.
we are incredibly vivacious about our things, we void our hearts into them and we grasp that the client should ceaselessly be first.
Our things contain normal terpenes and will not at any point contain PG and other awful engineered compounds.
You can orchestrate discount choices from us today.

Cake Carts 1G Flavors

Magma cake | Trap Queen | Jedi Juice | Mind Warp | Zushilato | Slurricane | Paradise Cake | Gator Breath | Space Cake | Purple Punch | Cookies N Cream | Mango Kush | Runtz | Forbidden Fruit | Mimosa | Honey Buns | Snow Cone | Cookies N Cream | Zushilato | Snowflake | Crunch Berry | Laughing Gas | Crunch Berry | Sour Apple | Apple Fritters | Forbidden Fruits | Lemon Drizzle | Jungle Cake | Boo Berry | Rssin Head | Sugar Cookies | Cherry Gelato | Biscotti | Cereal Milk

Cake Cart labs check

Check the QR code at the rear of the carts
scratch to uncover the code
make a beeline for scancart.com for confirmation


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